mardi 30 juin 2015

Après l'Inde, le Bangladesh

Très bon article sur le dévéloppement de l'Offshore au Bangladesh. 

While VCs fawn over India, a tech scene grows in Bangladesh
Bangladesh presents a hotbed of young talent, hungry to innovate and solve local problems

By Twishy Shahi 25 Jun, 2015

Beep! At 9AM, a few weeks ago, I received an email requesting to host the e27Echelon Qualifiers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I immediately thought that it was a risky bet, but an exciting one, considering the need to explore the synergies in one of the most challenging startup ecosystems in South Asia. Doubts crept in. Isn’t the country already facing huge problems due to political unrest and economic instability?
But, after a few discussions, we finally decided to visit the capital city of Dhaka to understand the heart and soul of entrepreneurship in the country.
Bangladesh is a mobile-first nation, with more than 125 million mobile subscribers and 24.5 per cent Internet penetration. With 70 per cent of the population under 35, media consumption is increasingly skewed towards digital. In fact, Bangladesh has a lower median age than most Asian countries, except Pakistan. Hence, surprisingly, the country presents a hotbed of young talent who is hungry to innovate and solve local problems.

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